Voice… The Single Biggest Consumer Trend This Year and How You Can Get Involved

Today I want to introduce you to two exciting new things…

It’s to do with voice.

I believe we have hit the tipping point in going mainstream with this technology in the past few weeks.

And I want to share why 2018 will be the year it starts to really bloom.

Sure AR and VR are coming but even with Magic Leap’s game changing launch, mass consumer adoption is still 1-2(+) years off.

In the following I’m going to show you why voice is coming up to a crachendo moment and where the opportunities could be for you.

War for the home

The war for the home has been heating up over the past year.

With the main players Amazon and Google ploughing hundreds of millions and thousands of developers into building out the eco system, they already know what is at stake.

The stake is consumer attention. The principle being whoever is closest to this consumer attention wins.

And a lot of the time consumer attention is dictated by whoever can fulfil requests (whether that be for information or for products or services) fastest, That need allows voice to win in an overwhelming amount of non-visual categories.

With voice adoption having grown 36X on Google since 2008 to now when the CEO reports 25% of all searches on Android are through voice in 2016.

Additionally the ramping up in aggressive marketing by players in the space will show you by inference what their non-public data is showing.

Voice in the real world

The voice eco system like the internet and app store is made for being built on.

The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas are equipping every single room with Alexa devices.

Spotify, Uber and Audbile have all plugged in their API’s so you can use it just as easily (if not easier) than picking up your phone and selecting a service.

There are skills to order handymen for home repair or renovation jobs.

You can use it for shopping from a whole host of retailers, not just Amazon.

Choose your own adventure games have started, where you can create your own story as the  narratives adapt in real time from your instructions to the main characters.

With a little bit of creativity you can think of ways to provide value to users at the speed of voice.

How you can get involved

If you are eager to test and learn in this new frontier here are the ways you can explore.

Currently all the 3rd party innovation is happening on Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Here are the main skill types and what they do:

… Luckily Amazon has done a great job of creating a skill as easy as it possibly could be for an developing technology.

The Marketing Expresso

Confucianism has a principle a long the lines of ‘I do and I understand’. Which has always rang true for me in the past.

Therefore something I will be doing to understand this platform and the future of voice in greater depth over the next year is creating a my very own daily Alexa flashing briefing called The Marketing Expresso.

This skill works pretty simply once you add it. Every weekday you will get a summary of an actionable marketing idea or strategy. It’s basically an audio version of cliff notes.

With no fluff, the marketing expresso helps get to core concepts that you can implement immediately in just 2 minutes or less a day.

If you want to check it out just follow this link and add it to your Alexa skills list: The Marketing Expresseo.

Any feedback or reviews would also be welcome.

See you next year in the land of voice.

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