30+ Marketing Words That Work

Same product, different words, different results.

That’s one of the first lessons you learn in marketing.

Because words carry weight.

Take a headline.

There are a few elements that make a headline. First there is the emotion that it’s ran on, second there is the awareness level of the audience it is pitched at and finally there is the actual words.

Since the dawn of advertising creatives have known to keep testing words – because you never know which will resonate best with the audience. This list contains a few of my favourite that I have found to work consistently with an example of the word in use.

Introducing: Introducing a vegan burger twice as tasty as flame grilled beef

How To: How to fix joint inflammation in two meals a day

Quick: Shopping delivered so quick you won’t have time to walk your dog

Easy: The easy method to getting in shape before January ends

Love: How to find love over 50

New: New electric bike travels further over 80 miles… in one charge!

Latest: Latest strategies to skyrocket ROI using social media marketing

Astonishing: Astonishing powder removes stains instantly

Insider: Football insider reveals who to bet big on this year

Urgent: Over 50? Read this urgent letter that will affect your finances

Reveal: Champion reveals secrets to beating in anyone at chess – even if you have never played a game in your life

Discover: Discover the last printer you will ever need. Dubbed the ‘Swiss army knife’ of the office Workforce pro gets any job done in seconds

Genius: Crypto Genius bet’s big on Bitcoin 2.0

Simple: The simple method that saves you 37% on peak-time train tickets

Jaw-dropping: This seasons hottest workout gives you a jaw-dropping look in just 5-weeks

Opportunity: The opportunity of a century – the one energy invention is about to go global.

Secret: Beauty secrets of celebrities

Success: Unbeatable lawyer puts his success down to this one principle

Pro Tip: How this golfers one pro tip could get you playing below par for the rest of your life

Wow: New vacuum cleaner has Birmingham home owners saying wow!

Eliminate: Eliminate these two food from your diet for superhuman gut health

Fast: Make fast cars faster with this premium fuel

Melt: Melt body fat fast starting today

Magic: Miracle cream erases wrinkles like magic

Sold out: The show that sold out two-years in a row returns

Sought-after: The most sought-after flat in Leeds just got released to the market

Breaking: This trend is making or breaking app developers

Imagine: Imagine if you could see the future

Confession: Confession of an ex-builder here’s how if your paying too much

Burst: Top 4 Stocks About To Burst

Guarantee: This plan could guarantee you save up to £525 on your mortgage

Extraordinary: Simple gardening method brings you extraordinary results

Missing Link: The missing-link you need to get that promotion this year

Victory: New development is a victory for anyone suffering with a bad back

Why: Here’s why you need to know about the blockchain