Don’t do anything until you answer this question

There is a question that stops campaigns from hitting peak performance.

If you can’t answer it you might be doomed from the start.

This question impacts nearly everyone in your organisation.

Just asking it is the easiest way I know to start thinking different. When answered right I have seen it transform companies into market leaders almost overnight.

I learned it from an advertising veteran responsible for a couple brands you likely know and use.

Before he does anything, he always asks, What are we really marketing?

For example:

You are not marketing an alarm system. You are marketing the security of irreplaceable items.

You are not marketing piano lessons. You are marketing the ability to play your favourite songs in front of friends.

You are not marketing a multi-vitamin. You are marketing the feeling of health, vitality and reducing chance of illness.

Steve Jobs understood this when he said we don’t sell product, we sell dreams.

Ted Levitt said: “People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill, they want quarter-inch holes.”

Charles Revson might have said it best about Revlon: “In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope.”

Next time your putting together a promotion have a think..

What are you really marketing?

One way John Carlton gets under the surface and into real desire is by finding the benefit of the benefit.

For example, the benefit of laser eye surgery is better vision, but the benefit of that benefit is freedom from wearing glasses and not waking up to lost contact lenses stuck in the back of your eye.

Another method is what David Deutsch calls the And that means technique.

For example:

Get a first class ticket so you’re not left standing without a seat. Instead you will be guaranteed a table which means you’ll be able to get more things done.

When you examine the most successful marketing campaigns, you’ll almost always find they have found the real reasons why, which is why they work so well.

Different personas have different end needs, but ultimately, we need to find, what we are really marketing and what end result or state of mind prospects want.

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