The Missing Manual For Retargeting, Part 2.

In the last blog I put out, I promised to bring the winning messaging to run on the rails of the retargeting structure.

Today’s post will share what I’m convinced is the most powerful sequencing of ads that makes retargeting score a much better response. I got the original core of this messaging from friends over at 6H media and have added to it from a year of my own testing.

Why is it so powerful?

  • Because prompts prospects back to the reason why they wanted to buy in the first place….
  • Because it overcomes the logical brains objections….
  • Because it handles natural skepticism…
  • Because it sets off the stampede of a crowd….
  • Because it triggers an automatic and favourable response in a majority of people….
  • Because it makes prospects fast forward the decision making process…

Can you figure it out how it’s done yet?

If not, let me first give you the outline, then put together some examples of how it could look in action.

These don’t all have to be used if the structure of the offer won’t permit, but the order in which the messages appear does seem to be quite important.

1st Message – Reminder Day 1– The first retargeting message on day 1 of the campaign is a simple reminder.

2nd message – 3 Reasons WhyDay 2-4 – The second message aims at logically justifying with 3 reasons why they should take action.

3rd message – TestimonialsDay 4-7 – Outline a recent testimonial from a person who has used the product or service.

4th message – Social ProofDay 7-10 – Show why using your product is a social norm for people like them.

5th message – Incentive Day 10-12 – Encourage the call to action with bonuses, free shipping, competitions or discounts.

6th message – Urgency & ScarcityDay 12-15 – Champion the reason why prospects should take action now.

To see how these work in reality, let’s put this framework  into some examples.

And to show you how it can also work for non-traditionally digital products, let’s use the example of a new apartment development…

3 Reasons Why
Social Proof
Urgency & Scarcity

To make this work properly it’s important to exclude audiences outside of the sequence window to make sure that prospects don’t see the same message twice.

Using this gives you ammunition for 6 unique messages to bring prospects back to the main call to action. Which ultimately reduces banner blindness and prospects becoming desensitised to your ads.

You can then use the same structure inside each of the three areas outlined in part 1 to create an absolutely airtight funnel for your traffic, so you never again have to lose unnecessary clicks and conversions.

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