Becoming The Only Logical Choice

Mary Wells Lawrence understands marketing like few do.

The famous Alka-Seltzer’s Plop plop, fizz fizz and New York’s I ♥ N Y slogan are just some of her campaigns that moved the world.

There is a timeless observation she had which I think is brilliant.

That is.. ‘The best advertising should make you nervous about what you’re not buying.’

I first noticed something similar after analysing hours of the highest performing VSL’s.

What they all seemed to do directly or indirectly was dismiss the opportunity cost of buying alternatives.

That’s because if your advertising makes you perceived as the only logical solution then the outcome becomes almost predictable.

Today you’re going to discover two strategies to do just that.

One is term coined by Rosser Reeves called the unique selling proposition.

Here you highlight something you do that’s extremely valuable to the results prospects want. Which the competition can’t or don’t do or highlight.

Because unless you make the prospect aware of why you’re unique the prospect will likely assume indifference.

One exciting company that has a USP cutting through the air like a siren is Bulb.

Sustainable energy is soaring to the top of a lot of consumers brand preference. Recent climate demonstrations around the world is proof of that, the Green party gaining ground at the European elections is more proof.

When Bulb put there whole unique selling proposition around better-sourced energy at better prices the market moved. With 300,000 new customers in 3 years being proof of it.

While the rest of the market is sleeping Bulb is shining by observing what customers want and displaying they can provide it.

Now for the second strategy – this is a reverse of the first.

It’s not highlighting your USP but shining a light on a competitor’s weakness.

It works even better when what you shine a light on would require the competition to upheave their entire business to overcome it.

It’s part of a once you see it, you can’t unsee it effect.

And Brandless are black belts in the art of doing this.

Their big idea is high-quality products without paying traditional branded product pricing.

It’s tapping into the trend towards minimalism and against mindless consumer culture.

When they highlight that all you are paying for at the retail store isn’t better quality but better packaging the result is the prospect perceiving that their products are all killer no filler.

While the rest of the market is zigging Brandless is zagging.

Positioning yourself as the only logical choice in marketing is worth every effort.

It takes you from a red ocean into a category of one.

When used properly it gets prospects nervously avoiding your competition like the measles and running directly to you for the cure.

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