Why Every Marketer Should Step Outside The Field

Jeremy Bullmore has been working in marketing for over 60 years.

Having seen, read and commented on everything good the industry produced in that time, Campaign Magazine rightfully crowns him as “Adland’s greatest philosopher.”

One of the greatest principles of his philosophy is that all the best books on advertising are not about advertising.

That’s because advertising is not about creating advertising that colleagues like, it’s about creating advertising that target consumers like.

Nassim Taleb puts this act of trying to please critics over customers as a huge point of failure for those in the restaurant business, and it’s the same in advertising.

A perfect example of this is a discovery histories favourite astronomer, Gallelio, found 400 years ago

He wrote…

So easy to understand are all truths, once they are discovered, the point is in being able to discover them.

Because it’s exactly like building winning advertising campaigns.

Most winning campaigns are found through discovery.

Rare as the dodo bird are the ideas or campaigns that hit it out of the park at the first attempt.

Usually they come from intense periods of trial, testing and insight.

Unearthing the big ideas, the angles, creatives, bidding and audiences that respond best.

Because once that discovery is made and KPI’s start glowing…

Successful marketing campaigns align like the stars in the sky appearing to have been so easy to make happen.

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